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green eatting cake

~B7~ Strawberry Short Cake Trial 1

 My co worker loves strawberry short cake. I mean love. This cake is typically served in summer when strawberries are in season. I am going to try a series of combination in regards to the cake, and creams now so that hopefully by summer, I will have the ultimate SS Cake!

I am a pretty lazy person...sorta. While looking for the perfect sponge cake recipe I noticed i ran out of milk, BOOO. Most sponge cake recipes involve MILK. Normally I would just walk over to the grocery and grab some milk BUT, my elevator is down....I had just returned from outside and did not feel like walking up 7 flights for a cup of milk... so what does a lazy person do? They spend over 2 hours searching for a sponge cake recipe that seems decent, that does not have this ingredient listed! ( the sorta lazy part) I could have easily gotten the darn milk in the 2 hours but whatever... lol

I should have bought the milk....this cake's texture was no where near the fluffy sponge i was looking for. Cake taste wise was pretty nice! texture? SPONGE! I ask my bf "what do you think honey?" he states" tastes like a doughnut" =*( not the texture I was looking for. 
Overall cake was not bad, I think it was only not as good because I really wanted a soft airy sponge cake and ended up with.. CAKE lol. 
You can tell from the innard picture that this is def not a sponge...SIGH!!!!!!! 

Some innnards:

My topping was just regular cool whip. I had considered making a buttercream or some kind of frosting but, for some reason for this cake i think a whip topping is just more delicious, and crazy conenient.
Masurated strawberries made the fruit so refreshing.

Let's hope my next attempt at a sponge will be more successful! 
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anyway it looks delicious!!! *o*
Really nice though...I'm this kind of lazy person who would spend one hour and a half to make soya milk out of soaked soya beans or soya flour to prevent me to go down two floors by stairs and cross the road to reach the groceries for milk...I really do understand you!
lol that looks like me too! ;)

no milk

i had the same problem with not having half the amount of milk i needed for pancakes. then i remembered i had milk powder. it comes in a big bag and you can keep it around for when you run out of fresh. just add water. it tastes the same. eg. http://www.verybestbaking.com/products/carnation/dry/default.aspx



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