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green eatting cake

~B78~ Curry karrage chicken

Had a craving for these all day, i loved them when i visited Japan and ate them at the local Lawsons. =) I ran home to make a fresh, hot, gingery batch.

Onigiri, curry karrage, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and a rolled egg.


how do you make curry karrage? It sounds like something my husband would like.
cut chicken into bite sized pieces, and spinkle with curry powder let it sit 5 min. Then place chicken in a marinade of soy, ginger, and more curry powder. (15 min-20min)
Dread chicken pieces in cornstarch and fry until done.
The ginger makes the chicken loses some of it's gaminess.
Héhé, nice! So you're back again!
What are curry karage?