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Deliciously Luscious Lemon Squares ~B6~

Ahhhhhhhhhh these were sooooo good. Very refreshing due to their citrus bite. I definitely plant to make these again!

I got kinda tired of cookies and tried making a bar. It was a success I think, I did run into a few problems baking. Such as I did not know the short bread I pre baked would shrink so much and leave holes on all 4 corners of my pan...which led some of the bars to have a layer of lemon followed by a middle layer of shortbread, and a layer of lemon on top =P
Of course I brought these to the office for sharing, the recipe made about 16 bars, i ate 2 in 2 days so good!

A muffin is my next venture I think.

The recipe for this "Luscious Lemon Tart" can be found here:



Yaouh! That seems truly yummy! I'll have a try in a few weeks when I'll have an oven again and no dental surgery to recover from! The photo really makes you want to have a bite!
This looks delicious! I love to use cream cheese in them too!