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green eatting cake

The colors of the rainbow! ~B77~

Ahhhhh a long hiatus! Apologies!!!!!! I bring lunch to work almost every single day but no time for posts. I decided to post tomorrows lunch because i think I came out extra beautiful!
What do you think?

Did you ever hear the more colors a bento has the more healthy it is? Primary the 5 colors needed are black, white, red ,green, and yellow...? I actually cant remember the last color...

This is a carby lunch i know but one of the onigiri is for the breakfast. Not pictured is a bowl of miso soup i will make in the morning. I looooove miso soup with onigiri! Also not pictured is a bag of edamame for snacking though out the day while my work pages load...

Onigiri with pepper tuna, onigiri with shrimp and mayo, red cabbage with turkey sausage, asparagus, vegetable pasta, and some shrimps.

Sorry for the short post but it is 1 AM!!!! lol GNIGHT all =D


Realy yummy and so nice. The colours are really appetising! Really nice, leave me a share....


Beautiful colors... The red cabbage gives that beautiful purple ? I'll think about it for my next bentos ! Thx