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green eatting cake

Warm Weather Celebration ~B75~

The weather in NYC has finally started to show signs of spring! This bento says "Welcome spring!!"

Ahhhhhh the wonderful 70's have finally entered the northeastern shore. Months of snow and non stop rain has finally come to it's end. The sakura trees are blooming, flowers are sprouting, and bento's can be eating outside of work, in the park again! Hooray!

To celebrate the warm weather I made a very refreshing bento. The entire thing can be eaten cold, just pop it from our the fridge, to slurp, and crunch away!

Soba noodle salad, salad made with cucumber, lettuce, red and hot peppers, and onion. Also I have a small container of watermelon, which is not pictured here.

The soba noodle salad is soo refreshing. I don't really enjoy the bottled soba sauce that can found in stores, I whip up my own tangy dressing with the mix of soy, sugar, vinegar, white sesame seeds, garlic, sesame oil, and lime juice for the twang at the end!



This looks/sounds so delicious!

I want to try and make this sometime soon :)
Oh, cold you give me the approximate composition of that dressing? It sounds yummy and I have some soba that needs eating :)